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This event has not started and is still being prepared. More news coming soon.

International Nonbinary Day 2020
The 14th of July is International Nonbinary Day, and here in the Nonbinary Wiki, we are celebrating it! During two week, we challenge ourselves, and we challenge you, to expand the contents of the wiki —whoever gets the most points, will win X! Sounds good? Keep reading to know how to take part!

What's this about?

The International Nonbinary Day is the day where we celebrate nonbinary people, our identities, and our successes and contributions to the world. This year, we have decided to organise an online challenge here on the Nonbinary Wiki, so that everyone looking for information and education on our identities will get information of the highest quality.

How do I take part?

Emojione BW 0031.svg Choose a task from the list below.
Emojione BW 0032.svg Do it. Remember to follow the tips to make sure that your contributions is counted!
Emojione BW 0033.svg Repeat! The more tasks you complete, the more points you will get.

Emojione BW 1F50E.svg Important details:

  • You need an account to participate —creating an account is quick and free! click here to do it.
  • The challenge will run from the 6th of July 00:00 UTC to the 14th of July at 23:59 UTC, both included. Timezone converter


Edit icon (the Noun Project 30184).svg Expand an article Add document icon (the Noun Project 27896).svg Create a new article Noun Project translation icon 24074 cc.svg Translate an article
Choose an article that already exists and add more information; you'll get 1 point for every 1,000 bytes added to the article. Some tips:
  • If you add new information, make sure to add a reference! (more information)
  • Don't include your opinions on articles —the more objective the content is, the better the article will be.
  • Look at similar articles for ideas.
Choose a topic that does not yet have an article and use the box below to create it. Make sure that you are not creating a duplicate (use the search bar) and follow the tips in the expand an article column.

You will get 1 point for every 1,000 bytes added to the article.

If you can write in another language, choose an article to translate! Check out the translator's guide for more details on how to get started with translations.

You will get 1 point for every 1,000 bytes of translated content.

Emojione BW 26A0.svg Important note: remember to follow the tips above! If your content is removed for not following the wiki's policies, your points will not be counted.


Thanks to our patrons, we offer these prizes for the participants of this challenge:

  • The user with the highest score will win SOMETHING.
  • SOMETHING will be raffled among all participants with at least 1 point.


The following table is updated automatically every X hours and shows all contributions of at least 1,000 bytes and their respective scores:

User Articles edited Score
Ondo Example article 2 points
Foobar Another example article 5 points