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Hullo, I am a bi/pan cis person, kinda GNC, but a huge trans/nb ally. you may use any pronouns for me online

My philosophy/personal guidelines on creating people articles:

  • Don't mention previous names (deadnames)
  • Pronoun choice can change over time. Rely on the most recent indication from the individual themself whenever possible.
    • E.g. on Lachlan Watson there is an interview from March 2019 where Lachlan says "I use he/him or they/them pronouns". However, their Instagram bio only lists they/them, and the account is frequently posted to, so these are presumably the most current pronouns.
  • Cite their gender from their own words as much as possible, not reporter's words.
    • E.g. if the headline says "Get To Know Genderfluid Artist Joe Schmo" the reporter or editor may be incorrectly using "genderfluid" to mean "nonbinary in general". Or it may be a misunderstanding/misreporting, as in the case of Billy Dee Williams.
  • Try to avoid using "identifies as" since it has a slight implication that "well they could be misguided/confused".
    • Exception for past labels the person has stated they no longer use. E.g. "They used to identify as a gay man but since then realized they are pansexual and agender."
  • Don't mention their birth assignment.
  • Avoid saying what procedures/etc they have or have not done for transition, unless they are really open about it, then it could be tastefully mentioned.
  • Don't need to mention what gender marker is on their documents, unless they are famous for this, e.g. Shige Sakurai made headlines for getting the first X driver's license in the USA.

For creating articles in general:

  • Use an archiving service on webpages you reference. Especially when citing Tumblr/Twitter, as users are prone to changing URLs or having their accounts deleted. Ex. is heavily cited across NBWiki and no longer exists; almost nothing of their content is archived.
  • If you have any feedback on these, feel free to drop a note on my talk page.