Layshia Clarendon

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    Layshia Clarendon
    Layshia Clarendon (cropped).jpg
    Clarendon playing in a 2019 game for the Connecticut Sun. Photo by Lorie Shaull.
    Date of birth May 2, 1991
    Place of birth San Bernardino, California, USA
    Nationality American
    Pronouns she/her, they/them, he/him[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[1]
    Occupation basketball player

    Layshia Clarendon is an American basketball player, currently with the New York Liberty in the WNBA. Born in San Bernardino, California, Clarendon completed their college career at the University of California, Berkeley in 2013.

    In 2017, Clarendon married Jessica Dolan.[2] The couple had a child in December 2020.[3]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « Shoutout to one of my closest friends who was the first person to show me that transness can exist outside of the binary. [Myranda Warden] showed me that you can be trans and non binary, genderqueer and so much more. That the more you embrace all of your gender the more free you become. ⁣

    ⁣ Existing outside of the binary for me is freedom. I’ve learned that my gender just doesn’t fit into these molds that keep trying to hold it down and box it in. I know that my gender will keep evolving because we change and grow and shape shift and expand. I know that as Andrea Gibson says, my pronouns haven’t even been invented yet. I know that we all have masculinity and femininity inside of us and mine show up equally and wholly and fully.⁣ ⁣

    Cheers to being whole because we were not created to be anything less than that! To the Trans Community, I see you, I love you, I love us. We are whole, we are enough, we are fucking badass.[4]


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