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Energender can be described as a gender that seems to be like a ball of energy, shifting and moving rapidly and not being able to be quite pinned down, though at the source, it can be described as being partially female, partially male or partially anything.[1] The term energender was coined by anoddlittleprince on August 25, 2014.[2]

It can also be used in terms such as energender girl, energender boy, energender nonbinary etcetera.

Flag colour meanings[edit | edit source]

The energender flag was created on September 13, 2015 by pride-flags on deviantart.[2]

The flag colours consist of a flag with five stripes, two black, two dark grey and one grey. There is a white circle in the center with rainbow rings around it. The innermost ring is purple, while the outermost is a pale red colour.

The colours on the flag represent a white ball of energy with many rings to symbolize the many possible core genders.[1]

Refrences[edit | edit source]