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Quoigender (from French quoi, quoi "what" + "gender") is a nonbinary gender identity with several definitions:

  • someone who feels that gender identity and/or existing gender terms don't apply to them
  • someone whose relationship with gender is complicated; someone who isn't sure whether they experience gender or what gender identity means for them
  • can be used as an alternative to "questioning", in order to communicate exhaustion or frustration with searching for a better gender identity term for oneself
  • someone who is done with gender and doesn't care much for it as a concept; frustration with gender

History[edit | edit source]

The Tumblr user epochryphal coined the word quoigender in 2014 to go along with quoiromantic and quoisexual.

Related identities[edit | edit source]

  • Grey-/Graygender - someone who has a gender, but feels less invested in it or connected to it than other people seem to
  • E(x)gender - similar to agender but more extreme--rejection of gender as a concept and a refusal to answer or acknowledge the question of gender
  • Novigender - an experience with gender which is so complicated or difficult to understand that it cannot be pinned down to one word

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