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    How to organize[edit source]

    @TXJ, Pod the Elder, amazingakita and Ondo:

    Hello everyone!

    When I first made this page I hadn't realized how much I would have to include haha. The more I look into how transgender rights are described elsewhere, the more I realize how much detail is often needed. However, I wanted this page to only be a sort of short, generic list of rights people should be aware of with a bunch of links for people to learn more. Not entirely sure how to proceed. Plus, I want anyone to be able to use this list, and non-cis rights can vary from country to country.

    I decided to add references to the headings, rather than just individual bullet points because those sources often overlap. I know this is an unorthodox way of doing things though, so I wanted to see what you guys thought of it.

    The way I wanted to structure examples of right violations (if we decide to keep those a part of this section) was by country and to list them by name of the person whose rights were violated. I did this to make it easier to find specific cases, and make those people's names more well known. What do you think?

    --Bean3000 (talk) 04:42, 5 April 2020 (UTC)

    Yeah, this is a big topic! Maybe you can draw some inspiration from the table in Gender recognition? We are not a primary source, so we can't come up with what nonbinary rights should be. I found, which could be used as a reference on what exactly are nonbinary rights. Maybe there could be a section with the list of rights (from that web site or wherever else) and then another section with right violations? Note that all violations should have their own reference, though. In any case, there is some overlapping with gender recognition, so you don't have to write about gender recognition in different countries, just point to that page to avoid duplicate content (especially since gender recognition has to be updated regularly).
    As for heading references, it's better to avoid them. You can take some inspiration from Questioning; references could go in the headings, but they have been moved to the introductory sentence of the section. If the reference is placed in the end of a sentence that introduces a list, it's assumed that the reference applies to the whole list (unless each item has its own reference). Similarly, references in the end of paragraphs are assumed to apply to the whole paragraph and not only the last sentence. --Ondo (talk) 10:16, 5 April 2020 (UTC)