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Emasculation is a surgery to take away the penis (penectomy) and testicles (orchiectomy), without trying to make the genital area like that of a person who was AFAB. The result is a relatively featureless groin. As such, it is a kind of genital nullification and sterilization. In a transgender context, emasculation is a type of bottom surgery.

Before the invention of surgery to create a vagina (vaginoplasty), emasculation was the main kind of bottom surgery done on transgender women and gender-variant identities worldwide on the transfeminine spectrum. Some such individuals still prefer this surgery, such as hijra and eunuchs. Emasculation may make it difficult to get a vaginoplasty later, because that usually uses tissue from the penis. However, someone who seeks emasculation may or may not want to get a vagina.

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