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Metaoidoplasty is a kind of surgery that some transgender and transsexual people seek, including some transgender men, some nonbinary people on the transmasculine spectrum, as well as some intersex people. For people with certain kinds of phallus (called either a large clitoris or small penis), this surgery frees the phallus and pulls it outward, making its external size larger, so that it can be easier to use for penetrative sex. If this surgery doesn't involve urethral lengthening, the urethra stays where it was before, which might not be on the phallus. If the patient has a vagina (the orifice), this also stays where it was. In order to prepare for a mataoidoplasty, the doctor may ask the patient to first be on an appropriate hormone therapy and to use pumping on a regular basis in order to expand the phallus.

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