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« I discovered non-binary identities last year when I was 18. When I read the definition of "agender", it just clicked. »
Джей, 19 (Агендеры)[1]
Black: absence of gender; grey: partial gender; green: gender that isn't related to male or female.
Related identities Agenderfluid and Agenderflux
Under the umbrella term Nonbinary
Frequency 23.5%
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Agender (also called genderblank[citation needed], genderfree, genderless, gendervoid[citation needed], non-gendered, ungendered[2], or null gender[citation needed]) is an identity under the nonbinary and transgender umbrella terms. Agender individuals find that they have no gender identity, although some define it more as having a gender identity that is neutral. (See gender neutral for a related identity.)

Agender Pride day is celebrated on the 19th of May.[3][4]


A 1997 paper in International Journal of Transgenderism states that "An individual of any genetic sex may also regard him-herself as [...] an ungendered person, who does not or will not identify with any conventional gender."[2]

The 1998 book Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender College Students: A Handbook for Faculty and Administrators lists "ungendered" as a label used by some transgender people.[5]

A 2000 post on Usenet described the Christian God as agender. In 2005, another Usenet user wrote that "cultures can have transgender, agender, and hypergender individuals."[6]

"Non-gendered", "genderless", and "agender" were mentioned in a list of valid nonbinary identities in the 2013 text Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals: A Practical Guide.[7]

Salem X (also known as "Ska" or as their Tumblr user name "transrants") created the agender flag in 2014, sharing the design on Feb 18th.[8] In reference to the colors chosen, they said "The black and white stripes represent an absence of gender, the gray represents semi-genderlessness, and the central green stripe represents nonbinary genders." In 2014, they also created the demiboy, demigirl and deminonbinary flags.[9]

In 2014, agender was one of the 56 genders made available on Facebook.[10]

In 2015, Dictionary.com added an entry for "agender,"[11] which it defined as "a person who does not have a specific gender identity or recognizable gender expression."[12]

On March 10 2017, a resident of Portland, Oregon, USA requested in court to be legally agender, and the request was approved.[13]

A 2018 survey of "Attitudes to Gender", ran by the Britain-based "Future of Legal Gender" project, asked people if they agree or disagree with the statement "More people will identify as agender (not having a gender) in the future." 32.4% selected "agree" and 13.7% selected "strongly agree". 20.6% selected "neither agree nor disagree" and 19.7% "don't know", compared to a mere 6.6% "disagree" and 7% "strongly disagree". (71% of nonbinary respondents agreed or strongly agreed.)[14]

Agender as gender identity or lack of gender identity

Some agender people feel that they have no gender identity, while others feel that agender is itself a gender identity. This can be similar to or overlap with the experience of being gender neutral or having a neutral gender identity.

As some agender people have no gender identity, it is important to not talk about nonbinary or transgender people's experiences only in the sense of gender identity.

Difference between genderless and neutrois

There is little agreement about the difference between terms such as agender, genderless, non-gender, gender neutral, and neutrois. These terms are often used interchangeably, or defined differently by individual writers in ways that don't necessarily match the self-definitions of others using those terms.[citation needed]

It is often said that non-gender or genderlessness is the experience of having no gender identity at all, whereas gender neutral or neutrois is the experience of having a gender identity, a gender identity which is not male or female, but neutral.[citation needed] However, these statements don't match the experiences of everyone who has taken up these identities as their own. This is a result of a disagreement between word definitions that are prescriptivist (telling everyone how they should use a word, and saying that many people use it wrong) and descriptivist (describing how people have actually been using a word, without telling them to change).

Non-gendered as an umbrella term

Some activists, such as Christie Elan-Cane, use non-gendered to mean all gender outside of the gender binary.[citation needed] This use comes from several years before the term nonbinary, but is seen as problematic because it gives the idea that nonbinary gender identities don't exist, or that all nonbinary people are genderless.[citation needed] Nonetheless this usage is in some official organisations' documents and resources as the term to cover all nonbinary people. This is most common in the United Kingdom, for example throughout the 2011 UK Government Transgender Action Plan.

List of kinds of agender identities

It can be difficult to describe and name a gender identity that involves a lack of inner gender identity. In order to do so, some people see the need to make new names for that gender identity, or to distinguish between different but similar genderless identities. A list of these names, in alphabetical order:

anongender. "A gender that is unknown to you and others".[citation needed]

apogender. Coined by queerspike. "Greek prefix apo, meaning away from, separate, at the farthest point; a subset of agender in which you feel not only genderless but entirely removed from the concept of gender."[15]

agenderfluid. Coined by pleurocarpus. Basically agender, but also genderfluid. Synonym cancegender.[citation needed]

agenderflux. Coined by perfectlybrokenbones. "Where you identify as agender but have fluctuations where you feel feminine or masculine but not male or female. ".[citation needed]

agenderfluix. A cross between agenderfluid and agenderflux; "a gender identity that is predominantly agender, but is fluid in nature and fluctuates in intensity over time." May also be called gxnderfluix, agxnderfluix, afluidflux, or flxidflux.[16]

cancegender. coined by prideful-concerto. "An individual is agender as their “base” gender but experiences fluid/fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These gender feelings may confuse or upset the individual and cause their emotional state to go haywire, which causes more gender changes."[citation needed] Synonym agenderfluid.

genderblank. As described by Damloz: Having no gender.[citation needed] Also, as described by anonymous: "a gender so indescribable that the only thought one gets when trying to describe it is a blank space"[citation needed]

genderfree. As described by polyamaesthetic, "someone whose gender is not present; someone who feels their gender is insignificant or irrelevant; someone whose gender is kind of ambiguous, but definitely queer; someone whose gender feels blurry, cloudy, whimsical, and free"[17] Caution: sometimes used by trangender-exclusionary feminists to identify themself as someone who rejects the concept of gender identity.[18][19]

gendernull. As described by Baaphomett, "A gender like gendervoid but without the void."[citation needed]

gendervoid. As described by Baaphomett, "A gender consisting of the void (also/originally used to mean the same thing as genderless)."[20]

librafluid. Coined by otterlyradical and pride-flags-for-us. "Mostly agender, but has a strong connection that fluctuates between masculinity, femininity and/or androgyny."[citation needed] See also libragender.

null gender. Coined by dieselwolfe. "Undefinable, intangible, the uncreation of gender. Its taking everything everyone throws at you, saying male, female, pick one, pick this, pick that, and taking it in, only to expel it, poisonous crystals erupting from your skin, armor against those who don’t listen. A 'I don’t want a label because labels don’t fit but they help shut people up sometimes, so here have a label' gender label. A fall-back plan, a red herring to give people who can’t conceptualize the absence, void, nullification of gender. It is, and is not. All and none. Nonexistant but present."[citation needed]

oneirogender. Coined by anonymous. "Being agender, but having recurring fantasies or dreams of being a certain gender without the actual dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day. e.g. oneiroboy, oneirogirl, oneirononbinary, etc."[citation needed]

polyagender. Someone who experiences multiple types of agender-spectrum identities; for example they could be a combination of agender, null gender, and gendervoid.[21][22]

Notable people


Живое выступление Энджел Хейз в 2013
Андре Джей в Dick's Bar в Ист-Вилладж, Март 2007 года
Чанда Прескод-Ванштейн на совещании Becoming Interplanetary в Библиотеке Конгресса, 2018 год

"Читайте основную статью: Известные небинарные люди"

Есть много известных небинарных людей. Здесь перечислены только люди, использующие слова "агендерность," "гендерная пустота," "свобода от гендера," "бесполость," "безгендерность," или "нулевой гендер" в отношении себя.

  • Кристи Элан-Кейн нон-гендерные активисты, живущие в Великобритании "борюсь за законную и социальную видимость вне общественной гендерной системы".[23]
  • Тайлер Форд (род. 1990) американские писатели и ораторы смешанных темнокожего и еврейского этноса. Форд были первым трансгендером среди соперников в The Glee Project 2012 года. Они агендерны.[24]
  • Рэин Роэз (Эйнджел Хейз) (род. 1991), хорошо известные агендерные реперы. Они были номинированы на награду от MTV, O Music Awards, BET Awards, и GLAAD Music Awards. Они указали в твиттере, что они агендерны.[25] [26]
  • Public Universal Friend (1752 - 1819), евангелисты, которые выступали против рабства в ранних США. The Friend были безгендерными и просили называть их без местоимения.[27][28][29]
  • Андре Джей (род. 1979) американские промоутеры, кто присутствуют в Нью Йоркском показе мод. Они были представлены на фотосессиях во французских журналах Vogue и V magazine. Они безгендерны[30][31] и агендерны.[32]
  • Амита Каттнер, Доктор Филосиофии., астрофизики, которые находятся в гонке за место лидера Канадской Зеленой Партии.[33]. Они называют себя небинарными, гендерфлюидными и агендерными.[34]
  • Джуно Митчелл американские модели. Они вышли вместе с Майли Сайрус на Нью-Йоркском шоу Модной Недели Марка Якобса в 2020 году.[35] В их профиле в Инстаграм сказано, что они агендерны.[36]
  • Джинккс Монсун (род. 1987)американские дрэг-исполнители, актеры, юмористы и певцы, лучше всего известные из за победы в пятом сезоне RuPaul's Drag Race. В посте о трансфобии и дрэг постановках, Монсун сказали, "Я не идентифицирую себя, как цисгендер. Я безгендерны."[37]
  • Чанда Прескод-Вайнштейн (род. 1982) космологша и научная писательница в Университете Нью-Хэмпшера. Она была участницей Американского Астрономического Общества.Committee for Sexual Orientation and Gender Minorities in Astronomy. В интервью она описала себя, как феминно-агендерная цис-сексуальная женщина.[38]
  • ДеЭнн Смит получившие награды американские юмористы, писатели и колумнисты.Смит агендерны и трансмаскулинны.[39]
  • Боги Такакс еврейские поэты, писатели, психолингвисты, редакторы и переводчики, написавшие работу, вдохновленную Торой. Они получили награду Lambda Literary Award за лучшую трансгендерную фантастику. В их биографии в Твиттере, сказано, что они агендерны.[40]
  • Эрис Янг мульти-жанровые писатели, известные с их дебютировавшей книгой They/Them/Their: A Guide to Nonbinary & Genderqueer Identities, опубликованной в конце 2019 года.[41][42] Они агендеры и гендерквир.[43]

Агендерные персонажи в кино и литературе

"Читайте основную статью: Небинарный гендер в кино и литературе"

Есть много небинарных персонажей в кино и литературе, чья идентичность выходит за бинарность. Здесь перечислены персонажи, котоые были названы словами "агендер," "genderblank," "свободный от гендера," "бесполый," "гендервойд," "нон-гендерный," "нулевой гендер," или не имеют гендера в их каноне либо названы так создателями.

  • “Эшиок” из популярной карточной игры Magic: The Gathering открыто упоминается, как безгендерные. Несмотря на то, что некоторые описания персонажа имеют местоимение "он" в качестве местоимения, главный дизайнер компании, создающей игру не однократно говорил, что персонаж безгендерный.[44] При этом зайдя настолько далеко, что бы при написании историй вообще старался избегать гендерных местоимений, упоминая Эшиок.[45] Здесь можно увидеть карточку Эшиок.
  • Розвелл, в подкасте The Adventure Zone, это элемент Земли, в доспехах, сделанный из живой глины, который разговаривает через маленькую птицу. Розвелл агендерны и используют местоимение они/их.[46]
  • Chaos Life авторства А. Штиффлер и K. Коуплэнд - Чистосердечный, семи-автобиографический вебкомикс об особенностях ежедневной жизни агендерной персоны, их женщине и кошках.
  • 6ses авторства Kagome это комикс, в котором есть агендерный протагонист.
  • Eri the Cyborg авторства Ren это комикс, в котором есть агендерный протагонист.
  • Биаджио, в фильме "The Kings of Summer," утверждает, что не видит себя, как человека, у которого есть гендер.
  • В видеоигре NiGHTS into Dreams , по словам Такаши Изука, главного дизайнера игры, персонаж "NiGHTS нейтральны, и значит не имеют гендера. Впечаления о персонаже, связанные с гендером, лежат на игроках.[47]
  • Bone Dance авторства Эммы Булл. Персонаж: протагонисты, Спарроу, по канону описаны, как "бесполые" и "безгендерные." Другие делали их идентичностистали предмеров дебатов (спойлеры).
  • Вся раса Хроникомов из Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. от Marvel являются агендерными и расой внеземных андройдов. Они используют гендерное местоимение в зависимости от их текущей формы.

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