Glossary of Korean gender and sex terminology

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    This page lists Korean terms related to gender and sex. They are sorted according to their romanization in alphabetical order, as well as according to the order of the words in the Korean writing system. You can change the sort key by clicking the small arrow next to the desired column heading.

    Korean Romanization English translation or explanation
    안드로진 Andeulojin Androgyne
    앤드로지너스 Aendeulojineoseu Androgynous
    바이젠더 Baijendeo Bigender
    부치 Buchi Butch
    드랙퀸 Deulaegkwin Drag queen
    두 개의 영혼 Du gaeui yeonghon Two-spirit
    에이젠더 Eijendeo Agender
    엠투에프 Emtuepeu MTF; trans woman
    엔 홈; 엔 옴무 En hom / en ommu En homme
    엔 팸; 엔 팜므 En paem / en pammeu En femme
    에프투엠 Epeutuem FTM; trans man
    히즈라 Hijeula Hijra
    환관 Hwangwan Eunuch
    인터섹슈얼 Inteosegsyueol Intersex
    젠더 Jendeo Gender
    젠더퀴어 Jendeokwieo Genderqueer
    젠더 플루이드 Jendeo peullu-ideu Gender fluid
    켐프 Kempeu Camp
    크로스드레서 Keuloseudeuleseo Crossdresser
    크로스드레싱 Keuloseudeulesing Crossdressing
    퀴어 Kwieo Queer
    퀴어이론 Kwieoilon Queer theory
    남성성 Namseongseong Masculinity
    노 오퍼레이티브; 논 오퍼레이티브 No opeoleitibeu; non opeoleitibeu No-operative; non-operative
    뉴트로이스 Nyuteuloiseu Neutrois
    팸; 팜므 Paem; pammeu Femme
    팬젠더 Paenjendeo Pangender
    패싱 Paesing Passing
    프리 오퍼레이티브 Peuli opeoleitibeu Pre-operative
    포스트 오퍼레이티브 Poseuteu opeoleitibeu Post-operative
    섹스 Segseu Sex
    성정체성 Seongjeongcheseong Gender identity
    성정체성장애 Seongjeongcheseongjang-ae Gender identity disorder
    성전환 수술 Seongjeonhwan susul Gender reassignment surgery
    씨스젠더 Ssiseujendeo Cisgender
    트랜스섹슈얼 Teulaenseusegsyueol Transsexual
    트랜스젠더 Teulaenseujendeo Transgender
    트라이젠더 Teulaijendeo Trigender
    트렌지션 Teulenjisyeon Transition
    트렌스 Teulenseu Transgender as an umbrella term; trans*
    여성성 Yeoseongseong Femininity

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