Glossary of Russian gender and sex terminology

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This page lists Russian terms related to gender and sex. They are alphabetically ordered according to the Cyrillic alphabet, and a Latin alphabet transliteration is provided next to each term.

А (A)[edit | edit source]

  • агендер (agender) agender
  • андрогин (androgin) androgyne
  • андрогинность (androginnost') androgyny

Б (B)[edit | edit source]

бигендер (bigender) bigender; gender fluid

Г (G)[edit | edit source]

  • гендер (gender) gender
  • гендерная дисфория (gendernaya disforiya) gender dysphoria
  • гендерквир (genderkvir) genderqueer
  • гендерная идентичность (gendernaya identichnost') gender identity

Д (D)[edit | edit source]

  • драг кинг (drag king) drag king
  • драг квин (drag kvin) drag queen

Ж (ZH)[edit | edit source]

Ж→М-транссексуал (ZH→M-transseksual) female-to-male

И (I)[edit | edit source]

интерсексуальность (interseksual'nost') intersexuality

К (K)[edit | edit source]

  • квир (kvir) queer

М (M)[edit | edit source]

М→Ж-транссексуалка (M→ZH-transseksualka) male-to-female

П (P)[edit | edit source]

  • пол (pol) gender, sex

Т (T)[edit | edit source]

  • транссексуал (transseksual) transsexual
  • транссексуальность (transseksual'nost') transsexualism
  • трансвестизм (transvestizm) transvestism; cross-dressing
  • травести (travesti) theatrical cross-gender performance, drag

Х (KH)[edit | edit source]

  • хирургическая коррекция пола (khirurgicheskaya korrektsiya pola) sex reassignment surgery

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