Glossary of French gender and sex terminology

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    This page lists French terms related to gender and sex. They are alphabetically ordered according to the words in French.

    A[edit | edit source]

    B[edit | edit source]

    C[edit | edit source]

    D[edit | edit source]

    E[edit | edit source]

    F[edit | edit source]

    G[edit | edit source]

    H[edit | edit source]

    • homme trans, homme transgenre: trans man (ftm)

    I[edit | edit source]

    • identité de genre (gender identity)
    • intersexe (intersex)
    • intersexualité (intersexuality)

    M[edit | edit source]

    • morinom: deadname

    N[edit | edit source]

    • non-binaire: nonbinary
    • non-conformité de genre: gender non-conformity
    • normes de genre: gender norms

    P[edit | edit source]

    Q[edit | edit source]

    R[edit | edit source]

    S[edit | edit source]

    T[edit | edit source]

    • trans: trans
    • transactivisme: transactivism
    • transidentité: transidentity
    • transition: transition
    • transitionner: transitioning
    • transphobie: transphobia
    • transsexualité: transsexuality
    • travesti / trav / travelo: travesti (often refer to someone who cross-dress, sometimes for sexual pleasure. Derogatory term.)
    • travestir: to cross-dress (the verb is not derogatory compared to travesti / trav / travelo.)

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