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    The celebrity pronoun project is currently inactive, and this page has been kept as an archive. If you are interested in bringing it back, feel free to leave a message in the discussion page.

    The celebrity pronoun project collects the pronouns of all celebrities for easy reference. This is not just for transgender and nonbinary celebrities, but for all celebrities.

    Introduction from Cassian Lodge's blog post, March 2016:

    "This morning I am thinking about my recent session with a gender-specialist counsellor at my gender identity clinic, and my feeling that cis binary as default is a very real thing that makes me feel marginalised.

    "He asked me to describe a society that included me (a nonbinary person) by default. I said that I’d like it if people just stopped assuming gender based on appearance.

    "This morning I’m enjoying the idea of referring to everyone as they until I know otherwise, not to misgender or to degender but because they also happens to be the pronoun you use when someone’s gender is unknown.

    "And that means that most celebrities are going to have to be called they too. But most celebrities haven’t stated their pronoun preference, and if they have, there’s not really an easy way to find out what that preference is. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a central place for people to list them in a crowdsource kind of a way?


    "Tweet your favourite celebrities and ask them about their pronouns - then update the table so others can easily get it right."

    Guidelines[edit source]

    • If they have a page about them on Wikipedia, you can add them.
    • Add names alphabetically by surname.
    • Always add a date next to your source. If there is no date on the source, write the month and year that you added the source to the table.
    • If you have a more recent and at least equally reliable source for a celebrity's pronouns, feel free to change the source in the table.
    • Check for existing sources such as celebrity bios and existing interviews before asking a celebrity directly.
    • If you have to ask a celebrity what their pronouns are, be polite and sensitive - being asked about pronouns isn't always easy.

    If you don't feel confident to edit the table, you can use this Google form to send the information to Cassian and they'll edit the table for you.

    The table[edit source]

    Celebrity name (surname first) Profession Pronoun Source and date
    Bond, Justin Vivian (wikipedia, here) Cabaret artist v Justin Bond: 'I think everybody's trans', June 2011
    Bornstein, Kate (wikipedia, here) Activist, author they; she Tweet, January 2016.
    Dove, Rain (Wikipedia, here) Model, actor Any pronouns 'Every step I take is a defiance': Rain Dove on modelling, Asia Argento and 'gender capitalism'. The Guardian. Retrieved 20 April 2019.
    Dunham, Cyrus Grace (wikipedia, here) Actor they "Lena Dunham's Sibling Grace 'Walked Like A Boy' At NYFW" on, retrieved April 2016
    Feinberg, Leslie (wikipedia, here) Revolutionary communist, author ze, hir; she Obituary by hir partner, November 2014
    Gibson, Andrea (wikipedia, here) Poet, activist they Gibson's comment on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything", August 2014
    Harris, Kamala Politician she/her Schwartz, Ian (10 October 2019). "Kamala Harris: "My Pronouns Are She, Her, And Hers"; CNN's Cuomo: "Mine Too"". Real Clear Politics. Retrieved 24 April 2020.
    Warren, Elizabeth Politician she/her Twitter bio, accessed April 2020
    Coyote, Ivan E (wikipedia, here) Spoken word performer, writer they Coyote's bio on their personal website uses "they" to describe them, captured March 2016
    Penny, Laurie (wikipedia, here) Author, journalist, feminist they; she Article by Laurie Penny, October 2015
    P-orridge, Genesis Breyer (wikipedia, here) Singer-songwriter, occultist, and performance artist s/he, h/er H/er own website, March 2016
    Rose, Ruby (wikipedia, here) Actor, model she Tweet, April 2015
    Spoon, Rae (wikipedia, here) Musician, writer they Blog post by Rae Spoon, January 2012
    Way, Gerard (wikipedia, here) Musician he or they Tweet, June 2015
    Booker, Cory Politician he/him
    Castro, Julián Politician He/Him/Él
    Buttigieg, Pete Politician he/him
    Big Freedia (Wikipedia) Musician Prefers "she" but is ok with "he". (Identity is cisgender gay man.)

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