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Exclamation mark white icon.svg This page is about a gender identity that is not widely used among gender-variant people. This does not mean that the identity is not valid, but that very few people are known to use this term.
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Qirl is a gender identity for black transgender nonbinary people. A self-identified qirl called vmerli described it as "A black identity similar to girl but separate from the white/western gender binary."[1] Vmerli drew inspiration for the term from African American Vernacular English (AAVE). It is similar to the boi identity. Transgender people who use the term to refer to themselves use pronouns of any kind, regardless of gender.[citation needed] People who tend to use 'qirl' as a gender identity in itself are usually nonbinary girls or feminine.[citation needed]

Feminine nonbinary people who aren't black shouldn't call themselves qirls, and instead should think about other identity labels for themselves, such as demigirl or femme.[citation needed]

In the Nonbinary/Genderqueer Survey 2016, none of the respondents used the word "qirl" for themselves.[2] In the 2019 Worldwide Gender Census, none of the respondents used it for themselves, either.[3]

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