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    This page lists Spanish terms related to gender and sex. They are alphabetically ordered according to the words in Spanish.

    A[edit | edit source]

    • afeminado: effeminate
    • agénero: agender
    • aliado: ally
    • androginia: androgyny
    • andrógino/andrógina: androgyne
    • apariencia andrógina: androgynous look
    • asignado hombre al nacer (AHAN): AMAB, DMAB, CAMAB, MAAB
    • asignado mujer al nacer (AMAN): AFAB, DFAB, CAFAB, FAAB

    B[edit | edit source]

    C[edit | edit source]

    • cambio de nombre: name change
    • cisgénero: cisgender
    • cissexismo: cissexism
    • cisheteronormativo: cisheteronormative
    • cuir (pejorative)/queer: queer
    • Cónyuge: wife / husband (gender neutral term). Used in formal language.

    D[edit | edit source]

    E[edit | edit source]

    F[edit | edit source]

    • femenino: feminine
    • femme: femme
    • feminidad: femininity
    • feminista radical transexclusiva (TERFA) : TERF

    G[edit | edit source]

    H[edit | edit source]

    • heteronormativo: heteronormative

    I[edit | edit source]

    K[edit | edit source]

    L[edit | edit source]

    • Latin@ or Latinx or Latine. A gender-inclusive form of "Latino"/"Latina".
    • lesbiana: lesbian

    M[edit | edit source]

    • malgenerizar (verb): to misgender
    • marimacha (pejorative, can be used as an insult): butch; tomboy
    • machorra (pejorative, can be used as an insult): butch, tomboy
    • maricón / marica (pejorative): sissy Usually used as an insult, has been lately reclaimed by gay men.
    • masculinidad: masculinity
    • masculino: masculine
    • multigénero: multigender / pangender

    N[edit | edit source]

    • no-binario / no-binaria / no-binarie: nonbinary No-binario stands for "género no binario" (nonbinary gender) and no-binaria stands for "persona no-binaria" (nonbinary person). The gender of the word doesn't imply binary identity. No-binarie is commonly used to avoid this misunderstanding.
    • necrónimo: deadname

    P[edit | edit source]

    • pangénero: pangender
    • pareja: partner (can be used for neutral term for significant other)
    • pronombre(s): pronoun(s)

    R[edit | edit source]

    S[edit | edit source]

    T[edit | edit source]

    • testo: short for testosterona (testosterone), usually used in a similar way to English "T"
    • trava / travelo (pejorative, can be used as an insult): transvestite, transgender. Used as an insult against trans woman, similar to tranny.
    • travesti: transvestite, transgender; a gender identity in some Latin American countries
    • travestismo: travestism
    • teoría queer: queer theory
    • teoría de género: gender theory
    • tercer sexo: third sex
    • transgénero: transgender
    • trigénero: trigender
    • transfobia: transphobia
    • tránsfobo/tránsfoba: transphobe
    • transfóbico/transfóbica: transphobic
    • transmisoginia: transmisogyny
    • transmisógino/transmisógina: transmisoginist
    • transición: transition (noun)
    • transicionar: transition (verb)
    • transgresión de género: gender transgression
    • transexclusión/transexcluyente: TERF

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